Procreate brings together in one device, as handy as a notebook, the sensations of traditional drawing,
with the most powerful digital tools of design software.

You can draw on the iPad as if you were drawing on paper, with the same immediacy and responsiveness to the stroke.

Procreate has revolutionised the world of digital art. It has the advantage that it is very intuitive, you can start using it as soon as you open it and it allows you to gradually go deeper and deeper to discover its full potential.



I am a Digital Artist and Art Professor. I have done drawings and designs for brands such as Dodot, Nikon, Antonio Puig and Imaginarium among others, and I have managed my own creative agency for more than 10 years.

Procreate is an amazing app where you can combine freehand drawing with the most advanced design tools. In the drawings I use layers with a non-destructive workflow, masks, and the fantastic digital tools that Procreate offers and that make it such a powerful app.

Draw everything you can imagine in Procreate, applying the most amazing tricks of the digital world!

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