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Aquarelle Procreate Brush Set contains watercolor brushes inspired by nature. Paper, Dillution, Aquarelle, Horizon, Wild, Magnolia, Laurel, Water lily, Eucalyptus, Willow, Reed, Poppy, Petiole, Sinuous, Water and Dream. You can find all of them in this set.

And in the last update Dynamic, Dynamic mix, Dynamic Rainbow, Edge and Dynamic Edge have been added. Watch the following video to see them in action!

Paper brush can be used to get the watercolor paper texture by painting the entire bottom layer. If you want to accentuate the watercolour paper effect you can duplicate the layer, put the new layer on top of your artwork, and set the blend mode to “divide”.

Follow the tutorial to draw this watercolor flower!


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From watercolor to digital watercolor through this great video by @hannah pickerill #procreate #drawing #designtools #ipad #applepencil #watercolor

♬ original sound – hannah pickerill

All the brushes in this video are included in the aquarelle Procreate Brush set (audio in the video and original drawing on paper by Hanna Pickerill). For Distant Mountains the brushes are Horizon and Aquarelle, for Close Mountains the brushes are Aquarelle and Wild, for Distant Trees Magnolia, Laurel and Aquarelle and for Close Trees Water Lily, Eucalyptus and Willow. 

All the brushes in this set are totally addictive. You will love using them in you artworks! And you will get access to Lifetime Updates!!


2 reviews for Aquarelle * Procreate Brush Set

  1. Brenda

    The brushes are amazing, I love them!

  2. Anita

    Hi Vicky,
    Will there be a video tutorial or online workshop using this set of watercolor brushes?
    Thank you

  3. Vicky

    Hi Anita! Yes, soon I will be creating drawings and tutorials with these watercolour brushes.

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