Birds * Procreate Brush Set



This brush set includes 12 amazing Procreate bird-themed brushes.



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♬ Cornfield Chase – Piano – Dorian Marko


Wings” is the brush used in this video to make the wings of the pigeon, and “Feather Brush” is the brush used for the tail. “Furry feathers” is used for the outline of the bird. “Bear” is the dual brush from the hair set, I have included it here because it is the one used to make the texture of the feathers all over the pigeon’s body. And “Imperfection” is the brush used for the legs.

The set also includes “Doves” which is the stamp of this dove drawing, “Bird footprints”, and “Fly” which is a dual decorative brush (uses primary and secondary colour) that draws a line with its shadow.


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