Hair * Procreate Brush Set

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New update. Now Elephant, Koala and Puppet brushes are also included in this set. If you already have the set you can update it!

Hair Procreate Brush Set contains 22 hair brushes. New Elephant, Koala, Puppet, Wild brush, Lion Brush, Bear Brush, Dog Brush, Cat Brush, Monkey Brush, Poodle Brush, Hedgehog, Volumized, Doll, which are fantastic for making hair automatically. Please note that these are dual color brushes, you need to select the primary and secondary colour to get the hair effect. Choose contrasted colours to accentuate the effect.

Rasta, Thin Curls, Spring Curls, also included, can be used to make different hair strands.

Explore Eyebrow, Messy, Tail, and Wavy, and have fun with the amazing effects.

Chick, Thin curls and Spring curls are the only ones in this set that only use the primary colour. The rest are all duals.

Check the video to see how you can use the new Puppet brushes and how to select the colors for a dual brush!

All the hair brushes in this set are totally addictive. You will love using them in you artworks! Have fun!

Check the videos to see them in action!


In the video I use Cat brush for the head and the paws, Dog Brush for the tail, Hedgehog for the ears, and Bear brush for the chest.

Follow the tutorial to learn how to do it!

In addition to the tutorial to make the kitten, you can also follow the tutorial to make the lion, stuffed dog, the teddy bear and the monkey.

You can find all of them in this set!


7 reviews for Hair * Procreate Brush Set

  1. Ariana


  2. Denise

    Perfect brushes!

  3. Abbei

    This set is amazing! I love it!

  4. Lucy

    I’ve been looking for brushes like this for a long time! They are fantastic!

  5. Mint

    Utterly stunning!

  6. heyimaan

    These brushes are amazing, I’m using them a lot!! The best hair brushes!

  7. Cynthia McAtee Verified Owner

    I love this set! So realistic!

  8. Vicky

    Thank you so much!

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