Textile * Procreate Brush Set

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Updated! Now this set also includes the new Bear Brush!

This brush set contains 18 textile brushes and stamps.
The “fur” brushes are totally addictive. You will love using this set in you artworks!

This set includes Fur Brush, Soft Fur Brush, and Velour Brush that are great for making scarves, pompoms, or all kinds of hair details. Also includes the fantastic Bear Brush that uses the primary and secondary color to achieve the plush effect!

The stamps Slider-2, Button-2, and Buckle-2, have the name ending in number 2, to indicate that they mix primary color with the secondary color, as the Bear Brush they use both colors. In this case the effect can be invoked with pencil pressure, or tilting the pencil. There is also a Zipper to complete the Slider.

To make fine details you can use Lace, Organza Ribbon and Line Ribbon.

Wool, Stripes, Squares and Plaid are backgrounds that contain different textile textures.

And finally Stitches, Cord and Deco Cord are fantastic to make decorations.

Check the video to see them in action!


1 review for Textile * Procreate Brush Set

  1. Melissa

    I love fur brushes, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time!

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